Class AEuropean bouquet course   RMB 650
1fresh flower preservation technology                           2此Wholeheartedly ̄ eleven spherical bouquet package
311 rose three-dimensional package,                           418 rose three-dimensional package
5Calla lily bouquet design romantic.                           6Colorful festive bouquet design
7Sympathy bouquet design..                               8Ferrero Rocher chocolates romantic bouquet
9Rose French package                                 1099 large rose bouquet package
11此Propose a long long time ̄ a large bouquet design..                    12此Mothers Day ̄ flowers creative design ninety-nine
13此Valentines Day ̄ bouquet design                           14Ribbon weaving
15Waterfall design of the bride holding flowers.                      16-17Bride holding flower design (two sets)
18Romantic bouquet design..                               19Bridal flowers, lapel flower, wrist flowers
20Roses, tulips romantic florid description                         21Hong Kong-style of gift box design
22Explain: Valentines Day Florist way to win

Class BWestern flower arranging course     RMB 650
1Floral Getting Started: Eastern, Western, Hong Kong fashion floral promotion
2Design principles: composition, consistency, proportion, characteristics, balance, harmony, rhythm
3Modern floral techniques: step, cluster, focus groups, regional, pillars, sequence, parallel, shadow, structure
4Learn the basics of color: color series, close to the color, contrast and color, multi-color configuration
5European FlowerTriangular, fan-shaped, hemispherical, horizontal-, L-, inverted T-shape, oblique triangle, hanging type, crescent-shaped, S-type design
6Fashion design basketBirthday flowers, fruit basket Hong Kong-style packaging, festive banquets flower design
7Opening Flower BasketChinese, Western, Chinese and Western Flower Basket (grand plans for Lifeline, rise higher and higher, thatrich, bright future)
8quick hand flowers, ribbon cut opening flower ball
9candle dinner floral design
10Combined balloons and flowers
11Radiation-based applications
12Conference Table Floral
13999 romantic roses heart type making



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